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The pressure to make this amazing

never let the fear of striking out

So this is the first post I am going to write on this blog. Truth be told I’ve had this draft saved, empty, for about a month. I’ve been busy and had other things to sort out, as well as catching up on a lot of television, making dinner, thinking of reasons why this will fail… I’ve basically given myself a million excuses and reasons and ways out from starting this blog. I’ve collected tons of quotes and pictures, ready for when I do begin, and I’ve been following and reading a lot of other blogs, vlogs, and websites for inspiration. But still I couldn’t put my fingers to the keys and begin. Like with a lot of things in my life, and I’m sure this is true for others too, I was letting the fear of failure keep me from trying. And once I acknowledged that, I realised what my first post had to be about. So here are my quote pictures for today

do one thing that scares you Hope is stronger than fear Mistakes made me me Start being

These quotes form the basis of my life philosophy – mistakes happen, but you learn from them, grow, and become better because of them. If you don’t make them that means you’re not doing anything, which is far worse than messing up sometimes. Forwards is the only direction you can take your life, so stop trying to stand still! One of the biggest steps I took to move my life forward was three years ago when I moved to London for university. I knew nobody on my course, at my uni, or in the area, but I was determined to make a new start and see what happened. I cannot fully tell you how glad I am that I made that decision. Through living here, and studying here, I have had so many great experiences, and made some amazing friends and contacts. There is absolutely no way of knowing what my life would be like right now if I hadn’t moved here, but I don’t want to know anyway. I am happy with where I am, and where I am aiming to go. There have been a lot of bumps along this part of my journey, but there have in all parts before this too. Now I am starting my next big stepping stone moment, which is this blog. With this first post I am entering into a new chapter, and even I don’t know where it will end up or what will happen along the way. I am looking forward to finding out though!

2 thoughts on “The pressure to make this amazing”

  1. What a great idea! I use my blog as an outlet too… it took me forever to post, to even think what I had to say meant anything but I realised that it’s only got to matter to you! Keep this up! Know that there are people out there that are listening to you, I look forward to following your journey… keep smiling.


    1. Thank you for your kind words and the follow! I’ve only started my blog this morning so the response is amazing =) I am following you back your blog is great, look forward to reading more about you and your life


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