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Celebrate your life

This is a message which I think every one of us can benefit from. All too often people get bogged down in the bad stuff going on; the spilled lunch, the missed train, the breakup, job loss and so on. The thing with thinking like that is you will always find something negative which you could focus on, after all nothing and nobody is perfect. Instead, focusing on the fact that you are alive, and the little accomplishments and positive things which are in your life will help you to feel better. My Mum always used to say that when you are ill, you have to stop feeling ill, otherwise you will never get better, and the same applies to your emotions. If you are sad, stop wallowing in it, and you will feel better. Positivity is a key factor in happiness, even if you fake it to start with. By forcing yourself to think positive thoughts you will learn to believe them.

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