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Love Yourself First

Fall in love with yourself first

This is a quote which is very important to me. I’ve realised over time that you can’t properly love, or even like, other people until you’ve sorted out your relationship with yourself first. Too often people (especially young women) put themselves down, have no self confidence and measure their worth by other people, or what clothes they wear, or how much makeup they put on or something else. You should realise that you are unique, and you are amazing. You have the power to do anything you put your mind to, but you have to believe in yourself first. A pilot knows that he is good at flying a plane, otherwise he wouldn’t get into the cockpit (you would hope anyway!) similarly, you won’t be able to fly until you believe you can. Take all of your fears and doubts and little niggles which make you feel like you can’t, and fight them with positivity and happiness.

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