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I am incredibly lucky (or realising what you have)

I often sit and think about the things that make me happy – it’s a habit which has become very important to me in the last few years. The other day I was struck by the thought that this wasn’t enough though. I write on my blog about my struggles and challenges in life, the bad circumstances which I am trying to overcome. However I am actually pretty lucky, and recently I have forgotten to check my privilege. There are people all around the world going through far worse things than I am; dealing with war, starvation, abuse, neglect. As much as I have had bad things happen in my life, so has everyone. The fact is that I have a roof over my head, clothes to wear, food to eat, and friends who love and care about me. That is far more than a lot of people, and yet here I am moaning about not having enough money to buy takeaway coffee, or the fact the government makes me jump through hoops to get my money. At least I get support from my government when I need it, a lot of people don’t. Even in this country there are people who are left struggling to survive, and it gets worse across the world. Whilst giving to charity, or volunteering your time are both great ways to do something about this imbalance, for many neither is an option. However something which we can all do is to feel lucky for the things which we have, things which others may not, things that we often take for granted.

I am lucky to have; somewhere to live (and a huge room at that), an understanding landlady who has made my situation a LOT easier the last few months, friends who care about me and are there to support me, internet, an iPad AND a laptop (and a smartphone), food to eat every day, lots of clothes which I can wash regularly, clean air, clean water, working plumbing. I’m lucky to have an absolutely amazing boyfriend, talented and beautiful friends, and to have had an amazing mother for the first 21 years and 4 days of my life. I am lucky to have the time and energy to pursue my hobbies, to watch television, and to just waste time. I am lucky to have my health, my mental well-being, and the ability to speak out about issues which matter to me. I am lucky for the education which I have received, and the opportunities which I’ve had in the youth sector. I am lucky, and I am grateful, and I am vowing to do more with what I have.

What are you lucky to have?

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