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5 Reasons to be Happy

I enjoyed this post of Tali’s so much that I had to reblog it so my followers could enjoy it too! I think it’s so important to share and support others on a mission for happiness and talking about issues and life 🙂

Peace and Positivity

5 Reasons to be Happy

Today, whilst I was watching the ever-so-brilliant ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, it hit me that I do not appreciate all the good in life.  I realised there are so many aspects in my life that I should be grateful for…there truly are so many things, and so I am taking time out to appreciate and think.  5 reasons I should be happy, are:

1) It begins with my family – we can not choose our family, but if I could, I would choose my wonderful mum and sister.  These two ladies are the most inspirational women in my life; they are my rocks and my aids and I could not live without them.  I am happy that they are in my life and I am happy they show me the sunshine in the darkness.

2) Love – I am happy for love.  For the tingles at the tips of your toes and the…

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