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The Grad Diaries – Getting Your Foot in The Door (and giving yourself a break)

Today I have good news. Not just good, GREAT news. I am incredibly proud and excited to announce that in two weeks, I will be starting my new job as Participation and Customer Service Intern at The Children’s Society, working on their Young Carers in Focus project. To say this is a dream job for me is somewhat of an understatement. This is a job which was basically MADE for me. It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet, even though I found out several weeks ago.

Whilst it’s only for 6 months, and it’s part time, it’s still a very big, exciting step towards my dreams. I have been volunteering in the youth sector in various ways for a little over 10 years, and I am finally taking a paid position doing something I’m incredibly passionate about. It’s the day I’ve been building up to for a very long time, and I’m super excited! I honestly wouldn’t have even found out about this job if it wasn’t for Team V, as it was through speaking at the residential which led to me becoming a leader that I first heard about The Children’s Society. Now thanks to a chain of events which started when I entered a competition last year to speak at a conference, I am about to take the first step onto the career ladder.

I’ve spent the past few weeks (aside from being ill) researching the programme and the work The Children’s Society do in general, and getting hyped for my new role. I’ve also used this time to relax a little, which hasn’t been easy for me to let myself do. Though I’ve talked in the past about the importance of having ‘me time’ I still struggle with not feeling guilty when I’m not running at full productive mode. However after being ill, I finally reasoned that I should take advantage of this quiet time before I get really busy, and let myself relax a little. Don’t get me wrong I’m still doing stuff; working on projects, writing, and applying for part time jobs to help me live once I start the internship, but I’m also allowing myself a little tv-time and some lie-ins (though soon I’m going to be getting back to waking up earlier in preparation for work!) All too often I think we can be our own worst critics, and this extends to expecting too much of ourselves and not allowing for down time. Whilst it’s important to stay motivated and productive, having time for self-care is vital.

So this evening, my message is to give yourself a break. No matter where you’re at on your journey; in your dream job, setting up your business, still figuring out what you want to do, or just getting your foot in the door, make sure you also give yourself some credit, and take some you time. All work and no play just tires you out!

Signing off with excitement at my new chapter,


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