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This Is Not The Post I Wanted To Write (on setbacks, mistakes & screaming at your iPad)

I was supposed to be writing a post this evening about my shiny new vlog over on my YouTube channel, and how it was tied to the refocusing of The Smile Diary. I filmed and edited the video, and was waiting for it to export/upload from my iPad when the problems started… 

If you know me you’ll know it’s taken a lot to get to a point where I feel ready to start vlogging. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. Different issues like lack of confidence, not having the skills, or equipment, and sometimes good old fear have stopped me. After recently attending a few workshops around vlogging, and some honest chats with my friend Adam who’s a fairly successful YouTuber, I was ready. Since uploading my first video to my shiny new channel last week – a poem for International Women’s Day, I was pumped to get my first vlog up too.

This morning with the sun shining through the window, and my hair and makeup done, I turned on my iPad and began talking.

It took a couple of practice runs, and a bit of telling myself off for looking at my face rather than the camera, but eventually I had footage I was happy with. I made some lunch, then set to work using iMovie to create a decent video out of 12 minutes of rambling. A few hours later I was ready. Setting it to upload I sat back and ate some chocolate as a reward while I waited. And waited. I didn’t know what the problem was, but two hours later the upload bar hadn’t moved even a millimeter forward. Determined to get the video out I pressed on, looking for another way to get it from my iPad onto YouTube. Eventually I tried to save the video out of iMovie (which I wish I’d thought of first).

“insufficient storage”

I sighed, and went to my video library to find some space. At this point I have to state that I am a novice at using iMovie, so didn’t really understand how it worked. Figuring that the video I’d spent so long editing had all the footage I needed in it, I deleted the original clips. Anyone who’s used iMovie will know what that means. As soon as I went back to my project the words which filled me with devastation flashed onto the screen:

“source files not found”

In that moment, I felt like my life was flashing before my eyes. The thing I’d spent pretty much all day working on was gone. What was worse is that I was responsible for it. My own incompetence had caused me to mess up, and now I was paying the price. I should have done more research before I used iMovie. The program should have warned me the videos were being used for something. I felt sick, I felt like throwing my iPad across the room. I didn’t, but I swore pretty loudly, and kicked the bottom of my chair a few times.

How could I have been so stupid?

Now that I’ve sat down, watched a few episodes of Modern Family, eaten an entire bowl of mashed potato, and talked to a friend, I’ve calmed down. I’m still a little annoyed at myself, but it was a mistake. I’m sure many YouTubers have made mistakes in their time, and bloggers, and doctors, and politicians (don’t even get me started). The thing is everyone makes mistakes. Just because this one throws my schedule off, it’s not the end of the world. Not even close. I’m sure people have made far worse, more significant, and more dangerous mistakes. In fact I know they have. The people in the nursing home who didn’t think to look for my mum lying on the floor of her own room when she went ‘missing’ for example.

In the grand scheme of things, I’ll probably forget about this mistake in a few months.

Or at the very least I’ll remember it because it taught me to back up all my videos, and to investigate a better way of recording/editing/uploading them. I’m pretty proud of the fact that after a little period of mourning/anger, I was able to see the positives, and even got fired up to write this post. In the past I would have taken something like this as a ‘sign’ to stop working on it. I’ve dealt with bigger setbacks in life, but when they were directly related to me trying new things which didn’t go to plan, I was quick to give up.

This year I made a vow to myself to stop making excuses.

To step into the life I want, and call in my success. I faced up to the problem, let out my emotions, then found a solution. That’s the thing with any setback. You can choose to learn from it and move forward, or you can wallow in it and let it consume you. I chose to do the first, and I hope you will too when you inevitably mess up. If all else fails you can scream at your iPad for a bit first…

Have a lovely day,



P.S. Before take two on my vlog, do any of you have tips for me when filming/editing/uploading? I’m using a 16gb iPad and iMove to edit (I know, money is a limitation at the moment). Any advice is much appreciated!


7 thoughts on “This Is Not The Post I Wanted To Write (on setbacks, mistakes & screaming at your iPad)”

  1. Everyone that has started out on YouTube has these problems. This was me a year ago. This was me five years ago. (All of those videos are now private so don’t try to find them, they’re so bad. 😂😂😂😂😂)

    Once I’ve filmed the footage on my camera, I transfer it to my iPad, edit it on iMovie, as you do. I then export in 1080p and save it to my camera roll. I never upload straight to YouTube, I feel like it takes forever through iMovie and I think the app version of YouTube is slow, especially where I live.

    As well, the app version of YouTube doesn’t let you upload a custom thumbnail, so that’s pretty important if you want some views as custom thumbnails are more likely to be seen and clicked on.

    I hope this is some help. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Thanks for the tips Elli! I for some reason can’t export in 1080p only 720 😦 but that’s a good plan! I was posting them private then going on YouTube on my laptop to edit haha, this seems like a better way to do it 🙂
      Do you then plug your iPad into your laptop? Just to check I’ve got all the steps! Thank you muchly for the encouragement ❤ xXx


      1. I don’t have a working laptop so I do everything from my iPad apart from the actual filming. I edit, export, upload and edit a thumbnail on my iPad and film on my camera and then transfer with a Lightning to SD Card Reader.


  2. I edit videos all the time and there is nothing worse than loosing your footage or having the project file corrupted and you loose the project you’ve worked so hard on. I’ve had to edit entire videos from memory just so I could get back to the spot I was at before.
    I don’t have expereince with iMovie but I’ve gone through countless video editors until I found the one for me. All I can say is, know you’re video editor, spend some time learning the in’s and outs of the program and of course YouTube tutorials is sometimes the best way to learn.
    Good luck, I hope I could help in some way.

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  3. Hey there! I have to really apologize for the delay this month, technical difficulties mixed with a little writer’s blocked really fazed me, I’m sorry! You can find my post for this month here: , I’d love it if you participated once again! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

    Basant She

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    1. Hi Basant, no worries – totally understand! I’m actually writing up my March review/April plans post for tomorrow so will be sure to tag it and let you know 😀
      Have a great day

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