Well Being & Mental Health

Strength in Numbers

Thanks to Tali for sharing my story alongside her own and another brave lady! Showing strength for Depression Awareness Week.

Peace and Positivity

It is nearing the end of Depression Awareness Week, but it will not be nearing the end of many journeys alongside depression.  There are still those of you who are afraid of the dark, and I want to give you the opportunity to step into the light and to share your story with other strong-minded people.  We have come to the places of accepting what we trifle with everyday and so have found ways to quieten our minds of these bad thoughts and feelings, but this did not just happen overnight – to get out of our dark places has taken a lot of courage and strength.  Speaking from personal experience, it is not easy to admit there may be something “wrong” with you, but since I realised those years ago that I could not fight this big enemy alone, I sought after help and guidance from professionals, family and friends.

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