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More Blogging, Less Perfection

I have been rubbish at writing on my blog.

I know that. I try to be better, and I have made countless resolves to publish more regularly, with varying and temporary degrees of success. But enough is enough. I have tried to figure out what’s stopping me and through all the self doubt, the anxiety over if people will like my posts, the writer’s block, and the 10 million other things I’m trying to juggle in ‘adulting’ I’ve realised one thing is playing a major role.

The idea of perfection often stops me from actually blogging. 

I think of an idea, then think about it some more, then try to write it. This is usually where I have a panic about it not being ‘good enough’ which spirals out into spending hours thinking about how to make it perfect, and then ending up doing something else as it’s late or I have to be somewhere. Then days (or even weeks) later I finally get around to writing the post, or worse still it sits unfinished in my drafts forever. The thing is, I know that I’m a good writer (most of the time…) and that I am capable of writing decent content. The thing that gets to me is the idea of having to be ‘amazing’ and then psyching myself out as I don’t think I can live up to those impossible expectations. And it’s true.

I can’t be perfect, because there’s no such thing.

I read so many posts about ‘the things you MUST include in every blog post’ and ‘how to create a great blog post’ that I often get overwhelmed with trying to cram it all in and live up to fictitious ideas of what a blog should be. The truth is that blogs are for anyone, blogs are for everyone. If I want to include 50 pictures in a post, or none, that’s ok. If I don’t use all the right hashtags, or forget to include alt tags for my images (I still don’t fully know what they are, can anyone enlighten me!?) it’s ok. The world will keep turning, the blogoshpere will keep going, and I can keep blogging. The only thing stopping me from writing a post a certain way is me. Today I say not any more.

I’m tired of getting in my own way all the time.

I’m tired of talking myself out of things I’m passionate about, because they’re also a bit scary. I’m fed up of having dreams and goals and plans live only in notebooks, never to see the light of day. Today I am standing up and saying enough! I refuse to live my life like that any more. By shutting myself down when I have an idea I’m just limiting my own dreams – and who wants to do that?

I’ve realised that a lot of it is also down to not being totally honest with myself, or you my readers.

There are days when I’m struggling. When I can only elicit a jumble of words that almost resemble a sentence from my brain. When I just want to curl up in a ball under my duvet and not have to deal with the world. And on those days I put off blogging, because I feel less than perfect. Even though I know blogging helps, and that putting my thoughts down into words helps me get rid of the mess in my mind, just a little. So I go forward without fear of writing those struggles down, and with the intention to document truly what my journey to better mental well-being actually looks like. That was the original point of this blog, and I’ve get a little lost somewhere along the way. So let’s get back to the way things were.

Today is a blank page. I don’t know where it will take me. Today is where my book begins, and the rest really is unwritten right now. But I promise to write it down along the way. 

Do you fear not being perfect? What do you do to overcome that? Let me know in the comments below ❤

Have a great day wherever you are,



12 thoughts on “More Blogging, Less Perfection”

  1. There’s so much pressure from the internet and our peers to create this perfect piece of content that will bring in followers and commenters in zombie-like hoards but the truth is that being yourself and posting with some regularity is all it takes. Start from there and then build on the things that can make a great post even better.

    I tend to set myself a posting schedule of once a week and then add to that where I can, that way people can at least expect something new week-to-week. On those weeks where my brain or lack of time gets in the way, I sit down and think about what I want to share, it might not be ground breaking or it might just be an image but at least I’m still building on that habit.

    I’m about to start a YouTube channel for Feeling Stylish, this might be a mistake! As if I wasn’t already time-starved enough thanks to my blogging duties.

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    1. Hey Jess,
      thanks for commenting. I totally agree – getting consistent is really important and something I’m really working on. Love the idea of just posting an image or something short when brain not working!
      Good luck with your channel – I’ll keep an eye out for it. I’m sure it’ll be great, just don’t overload yourself 🙂
      Have a great evening,


  2. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I have so many ideas about blog posts to write but am putting some of them off, simply because I don’t think it would be perfect yet. But will it ever be perfect? Probably not, no. It’s really hard to get out of the mindset but I’ve found that having a goal has helped me a little. Like “1 blog post every week, ideally going out on a Saturday” has really helped me. It gives me the flexibility to write the post at any point in the week and gives me a target day. But if I post on Sunday instead, it’s not the end of the world. I rather post on the Sunday than not at all.

    I’m currently working on a new series called “let’s get organised” and the idea of it is basically because of this! I tend to procrastinate things I want to do because I’m waiting to perfect them and I’ve decided to stop that and just start doing them now. Getting organised should help me to make it more realistic and manageable. It’s my way of bettering myself, one step at a time!

    Reema |

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    1. Thanks for commenting lovely! Totally agree a goal/target is helpful – am trying to implement this 🙂
      Ooh will be awaiting your series with much interest! Good luck on your journey, and I’ll be following along with you too.
      Have a great evening,
      Jenny x


  3. I loved reading this, Jenny – and you’re totally not alone. The thing with blogging that I always try and remember is that there’s no right or wrong way of doing it. One person might say to include X things to create the best content ever, and another person might include totally different things. If we all thought the same, all our articles would be the same! But that’s the thing that distinguishes each blog from the other – the author. Because your blog is your voice and no one can take that away from you.

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    1. That’s a very good point about individuality Holly! It’s just hard to know if your voice is effective sometimes. I think I’m slowly getting there in establishing my own voice 🙂
      Have a great evening,


  4. It is so hard and there is so much pressure! And I know there are so many resources out there that could help me make my blogging “better” but sometimes I think all the thinking gets in the way. I let this fear of imperfection stop me from starting my blog for years and now I’m trying not to let it keep me from doing the best I can. Thanks for the great post!

    P.S. Why do there have to be so many kinds of tags!!! My mind also refuses to fully grasp the alt tag and lots of others 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting Alex! Glad to hear you’re standing up to the feat of perfection! 😀
      I know, it’s a bit overwhelming to be honest o_O Let’s all just write and be happy haha ^_^
      Have a lovely day,


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