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Hello 2017!

We’re a couple of weeks into the new year, and after having a bit of a rocky start I think I’m ready to go! I began 2017 with a lovely party full of yummy food and great people, but after the fireworks had faded (well for the most part) and the plastic cups were thrown away I was left feeling a bit deflated. The last week of 2016 had been full of parties, house guests, outings and activities.

It had been lovely, but a little overwhelming, and I came into the new year feeling like I needed a break already.

So after going back to work for a whole day my body decided to crash hard which resulted in three days bed rest. Whilst the enforced break was rather unwelcome, it did give me the chance to reflect on everything that I did, saw, and felt in 2016, and think about my plans and goals for this year.

Almost every blogger will have a version of this post already, but I know for me having external accountability really helps me stick with my goals because I’m an obliger. This is a phrase coined by Gretchen Rubin in her 4 tendencies framework, which I would urge you all to check out; it has some great insights into how different personalities form and stick to (or not) habits. The tendencies are really interesting as they help you see what drives you to do stuff, or not do it as may be the case. I’ll go into more detail about this in another post, but what it effectively means is I’m more likely to do things for others than because I want to do them. I uphold commitments to other people ahead of commitments to myself (though sometimes I struggle with either). With that in mind I am letting you in on my goals for 2017. Note that they’re goals not resolutions. I think it’s important to set them out as such because then they’re things you’re working on rather than rigid rules not to be broken. 

My goals For 2017

  • Really commit to my blog – post once a week (subject to revision) and build an audience

  • Finish writing my book

  • Be more organised  – cultivate a morning routine that actually works for me, use my planner regularly and do the things I say I will/want to

  • Get my finances in shape – pay off all my debts this year and start saving for a holiday!

  • Live more purposefully

I’ve tried to keep them a little open-ended so they’re not just pass or fail tick-boxes. The last thing I want to do is give myself a list of things I must do and then feel rubbish when I slip up. By creating project and lifestyle based goals, I can break them down into smaller pieces and work on them throughout the year. If I miss a day of using my planner I haven’t failed at that goal, I just need to do a bit better. If I spend a bit more than I planned then I can adjust next month. They’re more values and projects than rules. 

To help with my goals, I was kindly gifted a Goal Planner from the lovely Busy Bourdon which is pictured above. I’ll be writing a proper review of it at the end of the month after I’ve used it for a little while, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Today I just want to give an overview of how it’s already helped me look at things differently. The book starts off with a few pages to reflect on the year gone, look at your ideal 2017, and write down the things that make you happy. Through filling in these pages, you begin to get a better understanding of yourself and what is important to you in life right now. 


Listing out things that I enjoy, and a list of things I want more of and less of this year really helped me clarify my goals for 2017.

As you can see, my lists were about creativity, mindfulness and wellbeing, and having fun. I’m fed up of feeling like life is just happening, and suddenly it’s another birthday, another year passed, another summer or Christmas gone. I want to be purposeful about my life. So let’s start here.

I am going to blog every week and increase my engagement in the blogging community. It’s something I enjoy, that is important to me, and brings me joy. So it’s time to really reflect that in my actions and how I live my life. I’m really excited for this journey!

What are your goals for this year? Let me know in the comments, or link your own post on the topic! If you have any tips on things that will help me with my goals please let me know 😊

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