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Trying Out: Coaching

I’ve been trying lots of different things on my journey to better myself – self-care activities, CPD courses, and new hobbies. In ‘Trying Out:’ I will document my experiences and thoughts on things I try, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things too!

I wrote last Sunday about how I’ve struggled for years with creating routines for myself, and how coaching helped me do significant work on that. I wanted to share with you a bit more about the coaching I’ve used, and why I felt it was so helpful.

Coaching isn’t entirely new to me; I’ve had coaching on and off from the Young Women’s Trust Work It Out programme since summer 2014 and I’ve written before about how it helped me. When someone I know through a mutual friend offered free online coaching sessions, to focus on a specific goal or part of my life, I jumped at the chance.

I was in a bit of a low place, feeling lost and burnt out, but also itching to take action and make some changes.

The coaching took place on a platform called Coach.Me which is a free app, as well as a website. Signing up was quick and simple, and I was contacted by my coach within 5-10 minutes of downloading the app. First, she asked me what I wanted to focus on, and helped me to really clarify what it was that I was struggling with.

One of the great things about the Coach.Me app is the chat feature (unfortunately as I’ve finished working with my coach I can’t access my chat to show you). You can leave a message for your coach, and they will reply when they’re able to. This means you can access coaching at a pace and time that suits you. You set goals or habits that you want to achieve, and then track your progress on them each day. This information links to your coach, so they can see how you’re doing, offer support and encouragement, and also ‘props’ for ticking off your goals.I worked with my coach for several weeks. Having the accountability, getting props and encouragement, and being able to visualise my progress really worked for me.

Props for checking in on your goals!

Every day, you are prompted to ‘tick off’ if you’ve completed your habit/s for the day. If you complete them for several days, you build a streak, represented by boxes which turn green. Our minds usually think in the short term, so ticking ‘done’ and seeing all the green bars light up really speaks to the part of the brain which craves instant gratification, whilst also building towards something bigger.

The great thing about my coach is that she didn’t tell me what to do, but gave me the space to figure it out for myself.

I never felt like I was being prescribed to, or that she was just telling me what she did even if it wasn’t right for me. A good coach will guide you towards the solution, but let you find the right thing for yourself. They can make suggestions, but ultimately you know yourself the best, so it’s up to you to make the changes.

Another cool thing about Coach.Me is that you don’t need a coach to use it. You may want to pay for a coach, or have an offer of free coaching, but even if not, you can plug in your goals and work on them, ticking them off as you go to visually represent your progress. In that way, you can be your own coach!

The main thing I’ve taken away from using coaching is that nobody else can get me to do the work.

They can inspire, advise, and support me, but at the end of the day, it’s up to me if I actually show up and get on with it. I’ve been lucky enough over the past few months to have some time and space to work on myself. Coach.Me was a big help along the road!

Have you ever tried coaching? How did it go? Do you have any tips for getting the most out of a coaching relationship? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Keep striving towards your goals,



3 thoughts on “Trying Out: Coaching”

    1. Hi Lauren, sorry I didn’t see this comment before now. The coaching is offered by lots of different people. Some ‘courses’ are free, some are paid. You can also find coaches offering free sessions. But I’d be happy to be an ‘accountability buddy’ on the app – we can become friends and then ask each other how we’re getting on/checking in?

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