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How Do I Do Self-Care? Self-Care Lucky Dips

This weeks’ Self-Care Sunday is a bit late, as I was feeling utterly rubbish on the weekend, and was away during the week so didn’t finish it until today (Monday). Sorry lovelies!20180813_123347_hdr

This week for Self-Care Sunday I wanted to share what I do when I just don’t know how to take some time out. This is for those times when you’re overwhelmed, when you don’t know which way is left, and figuring out how exactly to take care of yourself feels like more work than it’s worth. Also those times when you finally have a moment to breathe, with a gloriously empty calendar, but you know you can’t do everything, and indecision is kicking your butt.

I have something called a self-care lucky dip, which I invented myself (though I’m sure others have done similar things) to help me pick an activity when I have time, but no idea what to do. Either because I’m feeling so icky and foggy that I can’t think straight enough to pick an activity, or because indecision is stopping me from choosing an activity to spend a free afternoon doing.

You may be wondering, what is a self-care lucky dip? Well it’s sort of self-explanatory, but I’ll break it down.

I have a number of different activities that I know will help me feel good.

These range from things like writing, or watching my favourite show, to the simple things that may get overlooked like showering, or having a glass of water. When I’m in need of a bit of extra self-care, it’s often not easy to remember the list, much less choose an activity.

I spend so much time just lazing around in my pj’s, scrolling through social media instead of doing something to look after myself. Then I feel bad about wasting time. So I decided to make something to help me pick more helpful, fulfilling things to spend my time doing. The self-care lucky dip was born.

I wrote each activity on a little post-it flag thingy (I don’t know the technical term, those little strips you stick in textbooks!?) and folded it over. Then I grabbed an envelope and poured them in. Voila, one stash of activities, ready for me to pick one out when I need to take some time for myself.

Pretty rainbow self-care activities

The idea is simple, but you could jazz it up in a lot of ways to personalise it. I have a plain envelope for now, I’m going to decorate a mason jar soon to use instead. I also want to colour-code the activities, for different types of self-care. Here are the categories I’m going to use:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and need to get back to basics (green)
  • I’ve been super busy with life stuff, I want something fun (orange)
  • Something creative/that uses my brain (purple)
  • Pampering ideas (blue)
  • Out of the box/adventure ideas for when I have more time (yellow)
  • Things I can do with others (pink)

I haven’t always remembered to use the dip, but today when taking pictures for this post I decided to actually pick some things out, as I’ve been feeling ill and rubbish the past few days. Here’s what I got:

My self-care options for today

Just FYI, ‘Read My Envelope’ means my big envelope which is full of lovely messages and nice things about me, written by lots of people in the youth sector. It was started at a Team V residential, and I add to it whenever I get a nice note or comment. When I’m feeling down, it’s a real boost to read through all those lovely words that other people have said about me.

Funnily enough, I just got a new face mask in the post, so I’m going to give it a try this afternoon, as well as watching an episode of Supergirl (I’m so far behind). Though it may seem a bit trite, I find the lucky dip really helps me pick an activity to do, as well as adding an element of fun to it. I’m excited to get stuck in to using it more, and seeing if it helps me practice better self-care.

Will you make a self-care lucky dip?

What activities/practices would you add to it?

I’d love to hear your self-care tips and ideas, so let me know in the comments!

Take care of yourself,


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