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#Blogmas/Self-love Advent Calendar Day 5

The challenge for day 5 was to ‘get into a state of gratitude’ and I was inadvertently feeling it – as I was at home ill and feeling super sorry for myself, I was feeling grateful for days off work. I was also feeling incredibly grateful to M for taking care of me, and mandating a day of sofa-rest watching Christmassy things. As he went off to work there was part of me thinking ‘but there’s x, y, and z to do around the flat…’ however I knew he was right, and I needed to rest and try to recuperate. 

As I reflect on the 5 days since this challenge was due, I am also grateful to my body. Yes it’s been ill for a week, but it’s got me through work shifts, taken me to the cinema to watch Ralph Breaks the Internet with M (which was so funny!) and allowed me to go Christmas-decoration shopping too. My body is a warrior, and on day 5 I embodied my gratitude towards it by snuggling up on the sofa under the duvet, eating yummy porridge, and watching 2 Christmas films. Bliss! 

Jenny sitting on the sofa, covered by a big duvet and wearing a cosy dressing gown. There is a Christmas cushion in the background that says 'the most wonderful time of the year' and she's cuddling a giraffe teddy and smiling.
Yes I still have stuffed toys. Yes I’m smiling, because I was *so cosy*, but I felt *awful*

Get involved with the Self Love Advent Calendar by following The Self Love Summit on Insta or checking out the #adventchallenge tag!

What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments! 👇

Take time to feel gratitude today,



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