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#Blogmas/Self-love Advent Calendar Day 6&7

I’m ‘cheating’ a little bit by putting 2 days together, but the prompts were linked, and I definitely managed to do both last week! 

Day 6’s challenge was to ‘spend some quality time with you’ while Day 7 was ‘treat yourself to some self-care’. As you can see they’re related, so I figured I’d do one post talking about both, as I’m behind and trying to catch up (cheeky or clever?)

On Thursday I spent some really nice time with me – I had another day off (and good too, as I was still feeling rubbish) and the new season of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel had just dropped on Amazon Prime. I loved the first season, and binge watched it this time last year over a few days while I was ill (sensing a theme here!?) I watched the first episode, and half of the second one. I would have watched more, but for some reason my bath decided to run lukewarm, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time boiling kettles to try and rescue it. But despite all that, I had a nice time chilling and catching up with Midge and co – if you haven’t watched the show I really recommend it for clever, quick witted comedy and real emotions too.

Friday (day 7) was another work day, and I was starting at 9am. My self-care involved gathering myself together and doing my best to chill on the bus so that I arrived in a semi-presentable state to work. I also treated myself to a McDonald’s when I finished work (an hour and a half early as I was *struggling*). To some, McDonald’s may not seem like self-care. Most of the time I try to eat at least a little healthily, but on a cold, dark December evening where I was struggling and feeling rubbish, some chicken nuggets and chips, and a nice hot chocolate was like a big warm hug. Sometimes a little treat can be self-care, other times *not* spending money/eating that unhealthy thing is self-care. To me the main thing is listening to your body and your emotions and trying your best to respond accordingly if you’re able. 

I’m slowly catching myself up with the Self Love Advent Calendar, maybe I’ll be up to date before Christmas Eve! If you want to see more amazing goddesses posting about their #adventchallenge journey then check out the Insta feed

Try to spend a little quality time with you today if you’re able ♥

Lots of love and warm wishes on this cold day (at least here in London!)



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