A Heart-Driven Leader Sharing Her Wellbeing Foundations to Help Others

In 2013, while dealing with the death of my Mum, I started a blog (formerly called ‘The Smile Diary’) in order to help make sense of my thoughts and feelings. I felt lost, confused, and overwhelmed with both grief and an intense fear and confusion around growing up and navigating my life going forward.

Over the years since, I have been on a significant personal journey to build positive wellbeing from the ground up, figuring out how I can take better care of my wellbeing every day. I am still a work in progress (aren’t we all!?) but I have gained insight, experience, and a passion to share what I have learned with others.

In November 2017 I was given the chance to run a wellbeing talk with a group of year 9 students at a school in Preston, and Your Book Begins workshops were born. I have worked with groups of students, employees in offices, and at events across the country. As a public speaker on the topics of wellbeing, motivation, and confidence, I have given talks to a wide variety of audiences; from small groups to over 700 attendees at a conference in the London Olympic Park.

6 thoughts on “A Heart-Driven Leader Sharing Her Wellbeing Foundations to Help Others”

  1. Hello Jenny Nice to meet here…I’m now inspired from you..Me to facing lots of problems in my life..Thanks for sharing your stories via blog..I need your inspirational support.I’m using some platform for helping peoples.Please go through my personal blog.Online counseling blog. also.When your free time please contribute with me.
    Thanks Cyril


    1. Hi Cyril, nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, once I have had some dinner I will have a read of yours! I’ve already looked at your publish your articles blog and think it’s great what you’re doing to showcase others’ writing and inspire people! I’d be interested in collaborating, I will send you a message later.
      Have a nice day


  2. I so very much agree. I am surprised when others are surprised that someone is struggling with depression or addiction or having suicidal thoughts. I myself had tried to commit suicide 3 times, but had failed. I thank God for the strength that He’s given me to keep going on each day. Your blog will be a help to many. Good job!

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