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Confidence Looks Different From Outside

I have always been described as confident. People who meet me and speak to me may get that impression, as I talk a lot, and am pretty friendly. However inside, I’ve dealt with a million doubts and self-esteem issues since I was a teenager. It began in secondary school. In primary school I had friends,… Continue reading Confidence Looks Different From Outside

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Part 3 (growing up, illness and moving schools)

Eventually, in year ten, I decided enough was enough. I had constantly told teachers about what was happening, asked to move schools, asked to even move classes, but to no avail. Eventually I took matters into my own hands, and wrote a letter to the head teacher of Cotham secondary school; asking to join the… Continue reading Part 3 (growing up, illness and moving schools)

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My Story – Part 2 (teenage years and secondary school)

When I moved to secondary school, I felt excited and confident that I'd make lots of new friends and have lots of new adventures. However, for reasons still largely unknown to me, that idea was quickly shattered. I had been on the receiving end of a few mean jokes and some hair pulling in the… Continue reading My Story – Part 2 (teenage years and secondary school)