Screenshot of the Coach.Me app - menu on homepage. Top of page asks 'What do you want to do?' with different headings: 'personally grow' 'get fit' and 'improve happiness and relationships'
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Trying Out: Coaching

I’ve been trying lots of different things on my journey to better myself – self-care activities, CPD courses, and new hobbies. In ‘Trying Out:’ I will document my experiences and thoughts on things I try, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things too! I wrote last Sunday about how I’ve struggled for years… Continue reading Trying Out: Coaching

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What’s Most Important? (On Prioritising)

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled to do all the things I want to. When I was younger it was school, looking after Mum, hanging out with friends, and doing all the social action/volunteering I took part in. As I got older, moved away to uni, and got stuck into my degree,… Continue reading What’s Most Important? (On Prioritising)

Personal posts, Productivity & Motivation, Well Being & Mental Health

I Deserve Better – Apologies & Updates

So it's been about 4 months since I last blogged(!) I know. I'm sorry. I suck. I've got a long list of reasons as to why I haven't posted, and they're all stupid, and don't change the fact I know that not writing has only added to the issues and problems I've been having. Maybe… Continue reading I Deserve Better – Apologies & Updates