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Hitting Refresh (Amidst a Crisis)

So it's safe to say, at the time of writing this post on (checks laptop calendar as all the days are blurring into one never-ending blob at the moment) Tuesday 7th April (what! April! How did that happen!?!) the world is in a strange place. I won't go on about it too much, but the… Continue reading Hitting Refresh (Amidst a Crisis)

Screenshot of the Coach.Me app - menu on homepage. Top of page asks 'What do you want to do?' with different headings: 'personally grow' 'get fit' and 'improve happiness and relationships'
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Trying Out: Coaching

I’ve been trying lots of different things on my journey to better myself – self-care activities, CPD courses, and new hobbies. In ‘Trying Out:’ I will document my experiences and thoughts on things I try, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things too! I wrote last Sunday about how I’ve struggled for years… Continue reading Trying Out: Coaching

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March In Review/April Goals & Plans

I never got around to writing up a challenge/goals post for March like I planned, but this month I'm determined to set out my goals and also give myself a few activities to work on. I'm taking part in the #MyMonthlyMemories challenge set by the lovely Basant so I figured it makes sense to put… Continue reading March In Review/April Goals & Plans

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How My Mum Cared, Even When She Couldn’t

I've often mentioned the fact that I was a young carer for my Mum. I've talked a lot about her death, and how it affected me. I've never properly opened up on the blog about what it was like for me to look after her, to take on the responsibilities of a parent at about 14… Continue reading How My Mum Cared, Even When She Couldn’t