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The Contradictions of MH Blogging

I usually refer to myself as a wellbeing blogger. However, on social media and in the blogosphere, the term mental health blogger is more widely used and understood, so I kind of use the two interchangeably. The reason I personally prefer wellbeing is that I don't claim to have an expertise, or diagnosed experience of… Continue reading The Contradictions of MH Blogging

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Begin Again (Why I’m Such a Bad Blogger)

This is approximately the 1,522nd time I've tried to write a blog post, got about a paragraph in, lost my steam, given up, and left it in drafts. Over the 7 years I've had this blog, I have attempted to get into a routine of posting over and over. I've had varying success, from the… Continue reading Begin Again (Why I’m Such a Bad Blogger)

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Who Run The World? Girls – If We Believe We Can

Tomorrow is International Women's Day - the theme for this year is pledge for parity, which means equal treatment for all genders. This is a great goal, and the very heart of feminism, but sometimes I feel like it's not happening at the moment. There are a lot of different causes to this, but one… Continue reading Who Run The World? Girls – If We Believe We Can