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The Contradictions of MH Blogging

I usually refer to myself as a wellbeing blogger. However, on social media and in the blogosphere, the term mental health blogger is more widely used and understood, so I kind of use the two interchangeably. The reason I personally prefer wellbeing is that I don't claim to have an expertise, or diagnosed experience of… Continue reading The Contradictions of MH Blogging

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Confidence Looks Different From Outside

I have always been described as confident. People who meet me and speak to me may get that impression, as I talk a lot, and am pretty friendly. However inside, I’ve dealt with a million doubts and self-esteem issues since I was a teenager. It began in secondary school. In primary school I had friends,… Continue reading Confidence Looks Different From Outside

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Self-Care Sundays: Accepting Yourself

This week for Self-Care Sunday I'm focusing on self-acceptance. In the journey to being as healthy, happy, and well as is possible for me, I know that accepting myself, and loving myself is key. In order to take care of myself, I need to accept that I deserve to be taken care of, and that… Continue reading Self-Care Sundays: Accepting Yourself

Well Being & Mental Health

Treat Yo’ Self(the importance of self love/self care)

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and a lot of people have strong feelings about that. Personally I don't go all out as I think it's silly to confine your affections and treats for someone to one day. However I want to use the 'holiday of love' to highlight an important message - take some time to love… Continue reading Treat Yo’ Self(the importance of self love/self care)

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I’m A Big Headed B***h and Proud (or how we are taught not to be confident)

I've been thinking a lot recently about the things that are holding me back from achieving my dreams and reaching my full potential. Almost all of them come back to one thing; a lack of self belief, or rather, a lack of confidence in expressing self belief. Internally I know (most of the time) that… Continue reading I’m A Big Headed B***h and Proud (or how we are taught not to be confident)