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The Contradictions of MH Blogging

I usually refer to myself as a wellbeing blogger. However, on social media and in the blogosphere, the term mental health blogger is more widely used and understood, so I kind of use the two interchangeably. The reason I personally prefer wellbeing is that I don't claim to have an expertise, or diagnosed experience of… Continue reading The Contradictions of MH Blogging

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Begin Again (Why I’m Such a Bad Blogger)

This is approximately the 1,522nd time I've tried to write a blog post, got about a paragraph in, lost my steam, given up, and left it in drafts. Over the 7 years I've had this blog, I have attempted to get into a routine of posting over and over. I've had varying success, from the… Continue reading Begin Again (Why I’m Such a Bad Blogger)

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Confidence Looks Different From Outside

I have always been described as confident. People who meet me and speak to me may get that impression, as I talk a lot, and am pretty friendly. However inside, I’ve dealt with a million doubts and self-esteem issues since I was a teenager. It began in secondary school. In primary school I had friends,… Continue reading Confidence Looks Different From Outside

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Self-Care Sundays: Accepting Yourself

This week for Self-Care Sunday I'm focusing on self-acceptance. In the journey to being as healthy, happy, and well as is possible for me, I know that accepting myself, and loving myself is key. In order to take care of myself, I need to accept that I deserve to be taken care of, and that… Continue reading Self-Care Sundays: Accepting Yourself

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Too Awkward to be Confident: My Anxiety Paradox

It's a Saturday afternoon. I'm on a training weekend surrounded by other young people who want to make a difference and create positive change in their communities. The group is a supportive, encouraging, positive one, and I've never had any issues with anyone there. But I still feel like an outsider. I sit with people… Continue reading Too Awkward to be Confident: My Anxiety Paradox