I really enjoyed the well-being workshop, I found it to be very useful and very informative. I will certainly use the tips and methods learnt as part of my everyday life in the future, when and where I need to use them.

The session was very engaging and most of the young people said that Jenny’s was their favourite session from the whole programme!  Jenny is a professional and engaging youth facilitator who I would definitely recommend to any organisation looking for a relatable mental health advocate.

Jenny’s session was hugely engaging and thought provoking. It made me realise I am very much not alone in my struggles with employment and wellbeing.

The workshop was amazing! It’s helped me loads.

It was a great opportunity to get us all engaged and out of the ‘client bubble’ and very positive from a team building perspective.

It will have taken a lot of guts to speak so openly about your life to a group of strangers and it was a really engaging session.

It was cleansing for the soul!

Fantastic session!

I could really relate to her, I felt really motivated after the session.

I think Jenny is extremely caring. Although I don’t know her, I felt she really does want to help.

Everyone thinks i am confident but i don’t feel like I am, she made me realise that there are lots of people who think the same.

Very open and gave lots of friendly advice and information about herself.

She was relatable and wasn’t afraid of talking about herself.